Sponsoring a Huge Tech Podcast with Boxy Suite

March 30, 2019

We recently sponsored the Accidental Tech Podcast #314 with Boxy Suite and I want to share the backstory and results with you.

Last minute booking

It all started with this tweet from the official account of the show.

With small hope of actually sponsoring an episode, knowing the full price of an ad slot was \$5500, I emailed the hosts asking for the details.

They were super-responsive and we agreed on a price that worked for both of us (\$1500). It was a judgement call on their part as they would have likely had only one sponsor on that episode had they not accepted our sponsorship.


It’s hard to tell how big of an impact an ad on a podcast will have. It all the depends on how good a fit your product is with the audience of that podcast. In our case we were selling a bundle of Mac apps to a bunch of Mac nerds (I myself am an avid listener of that podcast), so we knew it was a great fit. Your mileage may vary.

Here are the results we tracked:

  • 36 free trials for yearly subscriptions started with the coupon we provided, 17 converted to paying (this amounts to around \$556,75 now and potentially more for the years to come if these users stay subscribed)
  • 14 lifetime licenses sold, which amounts to around \$1.389,50

All in all we made around \$1.946,25, so we were able to run the ad at a \$446,25 profit. That's great, especially considering the exposure we got from the show and the fact that we still get the occasional lifetime license sale from ATP listeners going through the show backlog. I also believe that some of the listeners purchased without bothering to use the coupon code, so our numbers are probably even better than that.