Francesco Di Lorenzo

Best Coworking Spaces in Milan

Feb 21, 2019

I have been working from bars and coworking spaces in Milan for more than a year now. Initially, I used these spaces during weekends (I still had a full-time job), but now that I am all in on my projects I use these spaces almost daily. I have a few tips and recommendations.

My reason for writing this post is that it can be quite hard to find good places to work from, since the culture in bars and restaurants here in Italy is quite different from other countries: in most places you are not expected to work and you get weird looks if you do use your laptop. In the most extreme cases business owners will ask you to leave. This happened a few times. This is stupid and shortsighted, but that’s for another post.

I want this to be a living document, constantly updated, with the best places to work from in Milan, so do reach out if you have suggestions or recommendations.

I hope you find it useful.

City Life Shopping District


Type: shopping mall
Price: free
Mood: super-chilled out, some other people working
Location: it’s in City Life, the cool new district where influencers go to live. 2m walk from the metro
Notes: this is a gem, hidden in plain sight and my default place to go when I want to get shit done. The place is jaw-dropping: lots of space, great working stations (with chargers), almost never crowded, tons of bars and restaurants if you get hungry. The only downside of this place is that there are no reliable hotspots to offer you a good WiFi connection



Type: bar
Price: free
Mood: chilled out, some other people working
Location: it’s near Navigli, a 10m walk from the Porta Genova metro station
Notes: I like this place, it’s spacious and nice-looking. Sometimes they also host interesting events. The downsides is that it can get crowded and only some tables have chargers

Open More than Books


Type: coworking
Price: €9 (daily fee), €60 (monthly pass)
Mood: super-chilled out, a lot of other people working
Location: it’s in Porta Romana, 5m walk from the metro
Notes: it can get crowded but you will almost always find a spot. During launch time it’s easy to find great, cheap places to eat nearby

Moleskine Cafe


Type: bar.
Price: free if your order something
Mood: chilled out, fancy
Location: it’s in Moscova, 5m walk from the metro
Notes: only some of the tables can be used to work and it can get pretty packed as it is also a popular spot for students to study after school



Type: bar
Price: free if your order something
Mood: chilled out
Location: there are quite a lot of these around the city, I have tried the ones in Garibaldi and Porta Venezia
Notes: it can get crowded during launch, especially in the weekends and there is usually a lot of noise

Places I still need to try out

Santeria Paladini


This place is a pain in the ass to reach with public transport, but I hear it’s good, especially in the summer.



Type: coworking
Price: €300 (monthly membership)
Mood: serious, businessy
Location: it’s near Garibaldi, 10m walk from the metro
Notes: This is a membership, so you will have to sign a contract, pay monthly and cancel one month in advance if you no longer want it. You also get access to other Spaces around the world which is a nice perk I used a couple of times in 6 months of membership. I decided to move away since there is not that much room in the open area and it is way too crowded for my taste.



They just announced they are going to open three locations in Milan. I am excited to try them out when they do.