Francesco Di Lorenzo

Running a Business on Telegram

Mar 3, 2019

I use Telegram to communicate with friends and to run my business. After years on Slack, I have come to the conclusion that for small teams Telegram is the most sensible choice.

What we do on Telegram

First of all who’s we? It’s me and Fabrizio running Boxy Suite and Unreadit and god knows what tomorrow.

We have our main group “Superlinear HQ” (it’s the name of our company) where we discuss all things business. There are no bots inside here.

Another group that we have is called “Superlinear Commits” where all the commits we do on our GitHub repos end up (we do this with a combo of PushMoreBot and Zapier).


More importantly, we have “Superlinear Stats” where we get notifications and daily recaps about our two businesses (Boxy Suite and Unreadit). We get messages messages for

  • each new subscription of Boxy Suite new subscriber
  • each new subscription payment new payment
  • daily recaps with total number of visitors to visitors
  • total number of subscribers for the day to all our newsletters on Unreadit total subscribers
  • newsletter issues due today to edit for Unreadit (we have a newsletter that goes out almost every day and this is a huge time saver)

issues due today

Why we moved away from Slack

When it’s only the two of you (or up to 3-5 I would argue) having a Slack with many channels is definitely overkill. Add to that the fact that Slack on iOS isn’t great, and on macOS it’s so bad we had to write our own wrapper 😂 Slack is slow to launch and cumbersome to use, especially on slow connections.

By the time Slack has finished launching, I have already opened Telegram, answered to a message or two and moved on.

There is one big advantage of using Slack: integrations. They have a rich and mature ecosystem and you won’t have to hack around like we do on Telegram. But hacking around isn’t a problem, after all most of our products were born by “hacking around”, so we have no plans of moving off of Telegram.

How Telegram should improve

My only gripe with Telegram is that they don’t offer a clear separation between channels/groups and individuals. I use it both for personal and work stuff and the situation right now is not great, they get all mixed up.

The only relief is pinned chats, but you can pin only five.

The solution is clear: a separate tab for individuals and another for groups and channels.