Tech Lead

December 31, 2020

When I watched the first video of Tech Lead, the guy looked like a total joke.

After the initial laugh, I kept watching more and more videos and discovered that most of them are extremely insightful.

The titles are obnoxious — with all the "as a millionaire" and "ex-Facebook, ex-Google" suffixes — that's why I thought they would all be funny.

And they are. He keeps the same tone of voice, both when serious and joking, which is hilarious. But after the initial laugh, there is usually a deeper point that he gets to that really makes you think.

He can make a solid case for why you should work a regular job in tech, and then discusses the joys of self-employment with a video titled "I made $100k in a single day", or gives advice to people in their 20s.

The guy is genuine and it shows.