You Should Capture Your Thoughts

February 18, 2019

No, you will not remember about it later. If you don’t capture some of your thoughts they may be gone forever.

Get it out of your mind

Recently I started meticulously tracking thoughts and ideas wherever I am and whatever I am doing (exercising, reading, shopping, sleeping) thanks to a fabulous iOS app called Drafts. Drafts opens by default on a blank document giving you space to write with zero friction. You just type what you have on your mind and get back to what you were doing. I just type rough ideas without editing them or censoring myself.

Drafts app in action

Review it

As part of this process, I send the thoughts I capture on Drafts to Dropbox as txt files (one swipe + one tap with Drafts). These files uncomfortably sit on my ~/Dropbox root folder. You will understand the urge to clean and sort them if you have OCD tendencies like I do, that’s good because it’s one more incentive to get back to these thoughts at a later time.

I check back on these thoughts once every couple of days from my Mac, rephrase them, discard them if they don’t make sense, and group them if I sense a pattern. These thoughts are then organized and written down in a Dropbox Paper document I use as the homepage of my life. This document has ideas about future project, recipes, gifts, workouts. The blog post you are reading was born out of this process as well.

Drafts app in action


The huge advance of this system is that when I don’t know on what I should be working next (I went indie at the beginning of 2019, so I am now in the business of managing myself) I can get back to these thoughts, neatly sorted in my Paper document.

This helps me sleep at night and I hope it helps you as well.