What's the deal with Clubhouse?

February 03, 2021

If you are an early adopter in tech, by now, you must have heard about Clubhouse. I signed up a couple of months ago but initially didn't get the hype.

I dismissed the idea as boring after a couple of days in the app and had trouble understanding the rumored $100M raise at a $1B valuation.

This past week though, the app got traction in Italy, and I tried it in my own timezone, with smaller rooms of friends, in my language, at a convenient time, and it finally clicked.

I spent hours and hours in various rooms, talking about tech with friends and other fellow Italian Twitter junkies. This other time I spoke about politics with a sitting member of the Italian parliament 🤯

There is something special about this social network, about how it gets people to connect. Discussing ideas with voice brings humanity back into the discussion and makes conversations less infuriating. You end a discussion enriched more than enraged. Fewer people are selling you snake's oil because you immediately sense that with voice.

Finally, it may be the first social network that actually connects people and leaves them with a positive vibe after extensive usage. You know that dread when it's 10pm, and you have just finished scrolling Twitter/Instagram? When I am done with Clubhouse, I usually feel the opposite way, the same way I would feel if I was heading after a night spent chatting with friends at the pub.

I think this is a big deal.

PS: I am @frankdilo on Clubhouse if you want to follow me.