Mailbrew's Launch by the Numbers

March 04, 2020

Yesterday Mailbrew's launch was the most successful launch we ever had:

  • 1200+ signups
  • 8500+ new brews
  • 5000+ site visitors

Most of what we planned for it succeeded: we got good press coverage (9to5Mac, MacSparky etc.), traction on Reddit and Hacker News, and most of the people on our email lists — even if they knew us from other products such as Boxy Suite or Sblack — seemed to immediately get Mailbrew and were very supportive.

A decisive factor was the support from early Mailbrew users. We ran a private beta for months that had around 500 amazing people in it. These people helped us by recommending the product, answering questions and amplifying most of our marketing efforts.

Without really trying to do it, we managed to make them invested in the success of the product by making them shape it from the start. That's immensely powerful.