Mailbrew’s Saved Tab

December 08, 2020

My Mailbrew's Saved tab is quickly becoming my favorite place on the Internet.

When we originally introduced it, I was unconvinced it made sense to have our own read-later solution competing with established services.

Over the past few weeks though, I have changed my mind. In an upcoming release of Mailbrew that I have been using, we made it way easier to add content to the Saved tab (directly from the digests), and you wouldn't believe the amount of good content I have saved there.

The more I think about it, the more this feature fits the vision for Mailbrew to become the single information hub.

The more sources we add, the more we increase the signal to noise ratio of the digests, the better the content you save becomes. The saved tab becomes your own curated personal magazine, a place you go to follow your intellectual curiosity and catch up with what you have been saving all week.

Best yet, there is no archive button. This isn’t yet another inbox that you need to manage. You go there and chill, enjoying what's there. We do the management.