Mastermind on decision-making

December 18, 2020

Update: Manuel himself wrote a great post about this. Go read it.

We run a monthly mastermind with some friends to discuss how our businesses are doing and give each other feedback, and yesterday's was a superb one.

It led to an insightful discussion on prioritization and deciding making.

Manuel described his decision-making process, and it made a ton of sense. He works top-to-bottom from vision to strategy; projects and tasks naturally follow by applying inversion.

His approach boils down to answering this question:

If I fail to achieve this goal, what would be the most likely cause?

Working backward from there, he defines projects and tasks.

I want to apply this to Mailbrew's roadmap and look at things from a different perspective. We are product-people that love building cool stuff, but not all problems are engineering or design problems.