Reflecting at regular intervals

January 02, 2021

Reflecting on the same subject at regular intervals with objective metrics at hand is extremely powerful, especially if you keep a written record of your thoughts.

Adding a snapshot of your past ideas to the decision-making process makes it more robust. It's also great for accountability.

Finding the right cadence is crucial. It's probably weekly for fitness, monthly for business metrics, quarterly for planning, yearly for personal themes.

I thought of sharing this while writing our monthly investor update for Mailbrew. Doing it for the past 5 months has increased our business IQ considerably. It gives us an excuse to regularly look at the metrics and keeps us accountable. We can't just say we'll improve something repeatedly and then don't follow up on that. I can't say the same about how we did things before: "I know this is important, and we'll eventually get to it." Letting important problems fade out of our attention by exhaustion.