Year of less

December 26, 2020

I picked my theme for 2021: less.

2020 has been overwhelming. A year of change with lots of projects and personal stuff to go through.

Sitting at the end of it, still running, I want to slow down, catch my breath, and look around.

Almost every waking moment of 2020 was filled with a project, a call, a task; there was not much empty space. In 2021, I want to nudge myself in this new direction. Pursue less, leave some slack, recalibrate, enjoy. Slow down, be more present.

I want to double-down on what worked, removing all the unnecessary stuff that stresses me out. 80/20 style.

The thing I like about themes is that I can't really fail at this: it's a nudge, not a goal.

When picking a new project or thinking of a new commitment, I will think about the year of less and evaluate its impact compared to the potential return—more than I did in the past, where I preferred exploring to exploiting what already worked.

This past year, I had many sleepless nights due to my personal responsibilities, some family drama, and the uncertain personal/professional future ahead.

Some of these concerns are gone in 2021, others I still need to work through, but I want to change my approach: be more strategic, set clear boundaries, and guard my tranquillity as a strategic asset.